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Colored page from magazine, chapter 4
Colored page from magazine, chapter 4
Author Takeshi Kondo
Original work Go Nagai
Original publisher Akita Shoten
Original run #2010-10-21 ~ #2010-11-04, #2011-10-27 ~ #2011-11-10
Original publication Weekly Shonen Champion #45~#47 (2010), #46~#48, (2011)
Demographic Shonen

Bijinman (ビジンマン) is a Japanese comic book series written and drawn by Japanese cartoonist Takeshi Kondo based on an original idea by Go Nagai.

The cartoon was originally serialized in Akita Shoten's magazine Weekly Shonen Champion on two different occasions. The first one from issue #45 to #47 of 2010, released from 2010-10-07 (cover date #2010-10-21) to 2010-10-21 (cover date #2010-11-04), and the second time from issue #46 to #48 of 2011, released from 2011-10-13 (cover date #2011-10-27) to 2011-10-27 (cover date #2011-11-10). So far, it hasn't been republished.

The short series is similar in style and tone to Nagai's Kekko Kamen, Maboroshi Panty and Oira Sukeban. A young teacher newly appointed to Urarawashi Private Academy (私立麗私学園) is secretly the hero Bijinman (loosely translated as "the beauty man"), a beatiful woman in a sexy and revealing attire with rabbit touches that keeps peace in the academy. He transforms himself into Bijinman with the help of borrowed cosmetics from his older sister and fake breasts made from the latest DX polymer used in figures.


  • Tadashi Oyama (男山 正) / Bijinman
  • Michi Shono (正野 道)
  • Pink Momohana (桃花 ぴんく)
  • Erika Oojiri (大尻 エリカ)
  • Milk Chichiyama (乳山 みるく)
  • Ranko Mida (美陀 乱子)(みだ らんこ) / Midara Mask (ミダラマスク) / New Midara Mask (ニューミダラマスク)
  • Maki Chien (地円 マキ)(ちえん マキ)
  • Kageyama (影山) / Kemikaru Majin (毛見狩魔人)

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