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Chibikko Kaiju Yadamon
First page
First page
Author Go Nagai
Original work Soji Ushio
Original publisher Kodansha
Original run #1967-12 ~ #1968-7
Original publication Bokura
Volumes 1

Chibikko Kaiju Yadamon (ちびっこ怪獣ヤダモン) is a Japanese comic short series written and drawn by Japanese cartoonist Go Nagai. It's the cartoon adaptation of the Japanese TV animation of the same name created by Soji Ushio. It is the second comic book work of Nagai.

The cartoon was originally published in the magazine Bokura from #1967-12 to #1968-7, by Kodansha. From issue #1968-1 to #1968-5 it appeared as an extra appendix of the magazine.

Wakagi Shobo collected al stories in a single volume titled Yadamon that was published on 1970-10-10 as part of its Comic Mate line. It was later re-published 1999-04-01 by Media Factory in Nagai Gokaban Selection #5: Chibikko Kaiju Yadamon, ISBN 4889918248.

The cartoon is a light gag comedy that counts the adventures of the small monster Yadamon.

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