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Devilman G
Colored page from the first chapter
Colored page from the first chapter
Author Rui Takato
Original work Go Nagai
Original publisher Akita Shoten
Original run #2012-05 ~ #2014-02
Original publication Champion Red
Demographic Seinen
Volumes 5

Devilman G or Devilman Grimoire (デビルマンG(グリモワール)) is a Japanese comic book series written and drawn by Rui Takato based on the original Devilman by Japanese cartoonist Go Nagai. It was produced by Dynamic Production as part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Devilman.

The cartoon was originally serialized from 2012-03-19 (cover date #2012-05), with a short chapter 0 or prologue, to 2013-12-19 (cover date #2014-02) in Akita Shoten's magazine Champion Red for a total of 22 stories (21 regular plus the prologue).

The series was compiled in five standalone books published by Akita Shoten. The plot takes elements from both the original TV animation and the original comic book to create its own identity.

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