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Devilman tai Yami no Teio
Promotional image
Promotional image
Author Team Moon
Original work Go Nagai
Original publisher Kodansha
Original run #2012-12-01 ~ #2014-08-01
Original publication Monthly Young Magazine
Demographic Seinen
Volumes 3

Devilman tai Yami no Teio (デビルマン対闇の帝王) or Devilman vs Hades is a Japanese comic book series written and drawn by Team Moon based on the original works of Japanese cartoonist Go Nagai.

The cartoon is a crossover between Devilman and Great Mazinger (with characters from Mazinger Z) in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of both Devilman and Mazinger Z.

The story was originally serialized in Kodansha's publication Monthly Young Magazine from 2012-11-14 (cover date #2012-12-01) to 2014-07-09 (cover date #2014-08-01). The comic book was later compiled in three standalone books published by Kodansha.



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