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Gekiman! Mazinger Z Hen
Cover of the magazine where the first story was published.
Cover of the magazine where the first story was published.
Author Go Nagai
Original publisher Nihonbungeisha
Original run #2014-07-18 ~ ongoing
Original publication Weekly Manga Goraku
Demographic Seinen
Volumes 2

Gekiman! Mazinger Z Hen (激マン! マジンガーZ編), originally Gekiman! Mazinger Z no Sho (激マン! マジンガーZの章), is a Japanese comic book series created and drawn by cartoonist Go Nagai. It is the autobiographical story of Nagai as he developed the original Mazinger Z and its animated version. It is also the sequel of Gekiman!.

The cartoon is currently serialized since 2014-07-04 (cover date #2014-07-18) in Nihonbungeisha's magazine Weekly Manga Goraku. So far the series has been collected in two standalone books published by Nihonbungeisha.


  • Volume 1
1 Tanjo! Ore no Robot (第1話 誕生!おれのロボット)
2 Anime-ka Shido (第2話 アニメ化始動)
3 Chara Design no Suketto (第3話 キャラデザインの助っ人)
4 Kikai no Majin (第4話 機械の魔神)
5 Hover Pilder (第5話 ホバーパイルダー)
6 Anime no Design (第6話 アニメのデザイン)
7 TV Hoei no Joken (第7話 TV放映の条件)
8 Rensai Kosho (第8話 連載交渉)
  • Volume 2
9 Henshubu no Kakureta Honne (第9話 編集部の隠れた本音)
10 Takashi no Ketsui (第10話 タカシの決意)
11 Takashi vs Henshu-cho (第11話 タカシVS編集長)
12 Henshu-cho no "Zettai Joken" (第12話 編集長の“絶対条件”)
13 Anime-ka ni Mukete (第13話 アニメ化に向けて)
14 Anime-ka no Shikiri (第14話 アニメ化の仕切り)
15 Kyoryoku na Shigeki (第15話 強力な刺激)
16 Rocket Punch!! (第16話 ロケットパンチ!!)
17 Mazinger no Hasso (第17話 マジンガーの発想)


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