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Jintaro Sandogasa
First pages
First pages
Author Go Nagai
Original publisher Kodansha
Original run #1968-02-04 ~ #1968-03-03
Original publication Weekly Shonen Magazine
Demographic Shonen
Volumes 1

Jintaro Sandogasa (じん太郎三度笠) is a Japanese comic created by Japanese cartoonist Go Nagai. It is the fifth comic produced by Nagai.

The second serialization of Nagai, the comic was originally published in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine from issue #1968-02-04 to #1968-03-03 for a total of five chapters. It was collected in a tankobon.

The series has also been republished in other tankobon. There is a rare deal with its version in Kikkai-kun Special #4, in which all chapters are credited to Dynamic Production instead of Nagai and have different chapter names (the ebook version no longer has chapter names). Despite how short the series is, it seems that the impetus to publish the tankobon was due to Harenchi Gakuen success at the time, which is why Shueisha picked up the rights to publish it despite being originally published by Kodansha. By this time, Dynamic Productions was already established, meaning Nagai became the owner of the rights of publication of his own works.

Like all Nagai's early works, it's a gag comedy about a samurai.


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