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Kaiketsu Furo Zukin
Censored image of the first page.
Censored image of the first page.
Author Go Nagai
Original publisher Kodansha
Original run #2014-12-11
Original publication Weekly Morning
Demographic Seinen

Kaiketsu Furo Zukin (カイケツ風呂頭巾) is a one-shot Japanese comic book created and drawn by cartoonist Go Nagai. It was originally published in the magazine Weekly Morning published by Kodansha on 2014-11-27 (cover date #2014-12-11).

It was published as part of the Premium Yomikiri Gekijo Regalo (プレミアム読み切り劇場REGALO). Features the infamous Satan no Ashi no Tsume (サタンの足の爪, the Toenail of the Satan) from Kekko Kamen.


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