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Ken Ishikawa


Ken Ishikawa
Birth name
Kenichi Ishikawa
Birth date
Birth place
Karasuyama, Nasu District (now part of Nasukarasuyama), Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
Death date
Death place
Other names
Known for
Getter Robot
Maju Sensen
Kyomu Senki
Gokudo Heiki

Ken Ishikawa (Kanji 石川 賢, Hiragana いしかわ けん, Romaji Ishikawa Ken) is one of the most prominent members of Dynamic Production and of the world of manga and anime. Born in June 28, 1948, he died prematurely in November 15, 2006 of cardiac complications after a playing golf with Go Nagai and some friends. Ishikawa's real name was Kenichi Ishikawa (Kanji 石川 賢一, Hiragana いしかわ けんいち, Romaji Ishikawa Ken'ichi). His most famous work is his co-creation with Go Nagai, Getter Robot and his various series, which would be left inconclusive after his death. His legacy has endured the passage of time and his powerful drawing style is widely recognized.

Ken Ishikawa, Go Nagai & Hiroshi Koenji (circa 1975)

Ken Ishikawa (left) along with Go Nagai (center) and Hiroshi Koenji (right) as they appeared in the 1976 edition of Shinrei Tantei Occult Dan

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