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Mikio Tachibana

立花 未来王
たちばな みきおう
tachibana mikiou
Birth name Mikio Hiruta (蛭田 未来雄)
Person information
Birth date 1976-05-11
Birth place Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Known for Yakitori Majin-kun
Occupation Mangaka
Nationality Japanese

Mikio Tachibana is a Japanese mangaka and a current member of Dynamic Production. His real name is Mikio Hiruta (蛭田 未来雄, ひるた みきお, miruta mikio). He was born in May 11, 1976 in the Saitama Prefecture, Japan. He became the assistant of Go Nagai in 1998 and made his professional debut in January, 2004 with the manga Yakitori Majin-kun for the magazine Comic Bom Bom of Kodansha. In 2005, he started using his current pen name, Mikio Tachibana.