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Robot Girls Z
Colored pages from the first story
Colored pages from the first story
Author Ako Roshi
Original work Go Nagai
Robot Girls Research Laboratory (original plan)
Original publisher Takeshobo
Original run 2013-12-26 ~ 2014-05-15
Original publication Web Comic Gamma (Manga Life Win)
Volumes 1

Robot Girls Z (ロボットガールズZ) is a Japanese comic book series. It is based on the TV animation of the same name based on the works Japanese cartoonist Go Nagai and planned and developed by the Robot Girls Research Laboratory, the name by which the companies Toei Animation, Toei Video and Toei Channel identify themselves in media related to this franchise. The comic book itself was developed by Ako Roshi.

The cartoon was originally serialized in Takeshobo's online magazine Web Comic Gamma, part of its Manga Life Win platform, from 2013-12-26 to 2014-05-15 for a total of eight chapters. The series was collected in one standalone book published by Takeshobo on 2014-05-22 which included an extra chapter.


1. "Amazing! Robot Girls Z" (第1話 驚異! ロボットガールズZ, "Kyoi! Robot Girls Z")
2. "Foul play!?, Doublas M2's scheme" (第2話 卑劣!? ダブラスM2の策略, "Hiretsu!? Doublas M2 no Sakuryaku")
3. "Infiltration! White birch ranch" (第3話 潜入! シラカバ牧場, "Sennyu! Shirakaba Bokujo")
4. "Calling on! Robot Girls Team T" (第4話 参上!! ロボットガールズ チームT, "Sanjo!! Robot Girls Team T")
5. "Powerful? Magnetic Girl appearance!" (第5話 強力? マグネチックガール登場!!, "Kyoryoku? Magnetic Girl Tojo!")
6. "Encounter!? Minerva X appearance!" (第6話 遭遇!? ミネルバX登場!!, "Sogu!? Minerva X Tojo!!")
7. "Reform!? Count Brocken assignment" (第7話 改革!? ブロッケン伯爵配属, "Kaikaku!? Brocken-hakushaku Haizoku")
8. "Decisive battle! Great General of Darkness!" (第8話 決戦!! 暗黒大将軍!!, "Kessen!! Ankoku Dai-shogun!!")
Ex. "The ultimate!? Feast of mechanical beast girls!?" (番外編 究極!? 機械獣少女たちの宴!?, "Kyukyoku!? Kikaiju Shojo-tachi no Utage!?")


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