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Image from the first story
Image from the first story
Author Go Nagai
Original publisher Nihonbungeisha
Original run #2012-09-10 ~ #2013-03-10
Original publication Comic Heaven
Demographic Seinen

Sirène-chan (シレーヌちゃん) is a Japanese comic book short series written and drawn by cartoonist Go Nagai. It is a light-hearted, humorous and sexy approach to the character Sirène from Devilman, addressed in the story as Sirène-chan.

The cartoon was originally serialized from 2012-08-09 (cover date #2012-09-10) to 2013-02-09 (cover date #2013-03-10) in Nihonbungeisha's magazine Comic Heaven for a total of four stories.

The comic book has not been collected elsewhere.

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