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Tatsuhiko Dan

Tatsuhiko Dan in Geki-Man!

Tatsuhiko Dan
Birth name
Tadaaki Kikuchi
Birth date
Birth place
Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Death date
Death place
Other names
Known for
God Mazinger
Tsubasa no Hito
Comic book writer

Tatsuhiko Dan (Kanji 団 龍彦, Hiragana だん たつひこ, Romaji Dan Tatsuhiko) was a Japanese writer, member of Dynamic Production. His real name was Tadaaki Kikuchi (菊池 忠昭). He was born on January 26, 1949 in the Fukishima Prefecture, Japan. After some time in the fanclub of Go Nagai, he joined Dynamic Production in 1972. While his main designated activity was the planning of TV anime, he also handled some novels and the scenarios of some comic books. He debuted as a novelist in 1984 with the novel version of God Mazinger and as a comic book writer in 1982 with Tsubasa no Hito, a co-production with Go Nagai. He died on June, 2005.

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