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The Excellent: Kekko Kamen Gaiden
Colored page (censored)
Colored page (censored)
Author Shinobu Inokuma
Original work Go Nagai
Original publisher Shueisha
Original run #2011-07-06
Original publication Business Jump #14 (2011)
Demographic Seinen

The Excellent: Kekko Kamen Gaiden (THE エクセレント ~けっこう仮面外伝~) is a 35-page long one-shot Japanese comic book written and drawn by Shinobu Inokuma based on the original work of Japanese cartoonist Go Nagai.

The cartoon was originally published in Shueisha's publication Business Jump #14 of 2011, released for sale on 2011-06-15 (cover date #2011-07-06). It hasn't been collected anywhere else.

The story is a sequel to the original Kekko Kamen. Mayumi Takahashi, the damsel in distress that was always rescued by the original Kekko Kamen, is now a teacher and is also secretly Kekko Kamen Next.


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