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Time Slipper Tamahime
Vol. 1
Author Yasutaka Nagai (scenario)
Seiji Tanaka (organization)
Illustrator Go Nagai (character design)
Kazumi Hoshi (pen) Seiji Tanaka (rough outline)
Mikio Hiruta (backgrounds, coloring)
Original work Go Nagai
Original publisher The Hokkoku Shimbun
Original run 2011-08-06 ~ 2012-07-28
Original publication Hokkoku Kodomo Shimbun (The Hokkoku Shimbun Saturday edition)
Demographic Children

Time Slipper Tamahime (タイム・スリッパー珠姫) is a Japanese comic book series created by Japanese cartoonist Go Nagai and developed in collaboration with several members of Dynamic Production: Go Nagai (original work, character design), Yasutaka Nagai (scenario), Seiji Tanaka (organization, rough outline), Kazumi Hoshi (pen) and Mikio Hiruta (backgrounds, coloring). The same staff would lated develop The Guide Man.

The cartoon was originally serialized by Japanese newspaper The Hokkoku Shimbun in its Saturday edition dedicated to children, Hokkoku Kodomo Shimbun, from 2011-08-06 to 2012-07-28. Japanese publishing company Nihonbungeisha later published the series in two standalone books.

A semi-educational series for children, the plot revolves around Tamahime (based on the historical Tamahime, wife of Maeda Toshitsune) who travels through time from the past to the present.


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